Forefront Aerial Productions

We are a Drone service business that encompasses every aspect of photography, videography and Provides drone services.

We are based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Wood House Pic
Industrial Building Drone Shot


The ART of Photography isn't just about Focus and Composition

It isn't enough just to take the picture but to have it EXPOSED properly

Picture #1 is UNDER exposed, Dark

Picture #2 is OVER exposed, Bright with hot spots like the basket

Picture #3 is properly exposed... but some area don't have enough light and outside patio is to bright

Photo 4 is the 3 photos layered with the best part of each

The shelves are lightened. The outside is visible. The basket is clear.

All the areas have very different lighting and there is a skylight over the camera.

Welcome to the Studio

In The studio or on the go

The advantage to being a Drone/ Photography business is that you are use to going where the work is. Lights, Cameras and sound on the go...

With that being said; We also have Multi-Media studio customizable for individual use.

Post Production:

We do the video and sound editing/ design, create custom graphics including thumbnails, Logos' and create custom intro/ exit themes

We will take you from film, post Production and on to any video, podcast station or both...

As an example the top picture was 2 stops +/- and the bottom picture was 1 stop +/-


Brett Figueroa
Brett Figueroa International
host of
"The Brett Figueroa Show"

Brett Figueroa has trained thousands of sales professionals leading many of them to the top 1% of their industry.
Brett has delivered over 3,000 presentations nationwide and abroad. With Brett's training many of these companies earned millions more in additional revenue. Trained by the nation’s foremost authority on the psychology of peak performance and personal, professional, and organizational turnaround, Anthony Robbins.

It wasn't always easy, at age 19 shortly after graduating high school Brett borrowed $50 dollars and boarded a grey
hound bus and headed to Los Angeles, dabbling in real estate and retail. After several years of little success and
quickly out of money Brett showed up on the door steps of Motivational Giant Tony Robbins Companies,
desperate and looking to turn his life around. Starting at the bottom at $7.75 in the boiler room, success was not
guaranteed. Not understanding how to be successful Brett was so bad the Robbin's companies fired him and
took away all his perks such as company car, apartment, leads, and any and all appointments. They said if Brett
was committed to making it work then he would find a way. Oh how right they were. Homeless and struggling
Brett found a boat to live on, showered in community showers, prospected from phone booths using the yellow
pages and took city bus transit to all appointment, sometimes hours away. With Brett's back against the wall
and critics against him he went on to defy all company rules and do things like the company had never seen before.

Brett gained momentum and started producing $10K a check. He was feeling great. But that wasn't enough,
he wanted to break records and defy the odds and that he did. Brett went from making $10K on one check to over
$100K on the very next check breaking the ceiling for what the Robbins companies had grown accustomed to.
Brett now teaches professionals across the globe how to do the same type of quantum jump for themselves.

How the West was Heard
Perez Talkz
Broken Work Comp
Living Empowered
Sweet Dreams Foundation
Ping's Travel Notes
Keto for Kirk
About Us

 Forefront Aerial Productions is a husband-and-wife team.

   Kirk is on his third career, the first being in the military and the second law enforcement. The camera has always been a tool in his profession, so he decided to use it as another profession after medically retiring. He first started with drone photography doing real estate, construction, and aerial inspections. While working in the industry, he decided to further his education by studying Cinemaphotography, Lighting, and sound leading to more traditional photography and videography work.

Ping had been a schoolteacher in China for over 20 years. After meeting Kirk on vacation while visiting a friend from her hometown in the US, Kirk and Ping hit it off and soon married. Ping is naturally creative and started studying different forms of art. Already having a love for photography, Ping adopted Kirk's cameras, and together they traveled with camera in hand, making memories both in photography and videos.

The Keto Lifestyle

Starting over again

This picture isn’t saying that I am almost 100 lbs. overweight, suffer from Fibromyalgia, Type 2 Diabetes, and getting sicker.

Welcome to the site; writing this got me thinking about ABSOLUTES… You know, the only absolutes are DEATH AND TAXES… Which I could only think of one ADDITIONAL EXCEPTION WITHOUT AN EXEMPTION… I absolutely do not like being in front of the camera…

As an active person, I followed the government guidelines for eating healthy. Some people may remember the OLD food pyramid, and since it has gone through a few revisions… Curious, isn’t it…ALL fruits and vegetables are good for you. A plant-based diet is a way to good health… People treat that as an absolute.

I will make some people angry for sure because I will be going against what we were taught as if you could believe anyone, anymore… with a few exceptions. This channel is dedicated to how I turned my life around using Keto or basically eating healthy fats and proteins.

This is a picture of my wife Ping and me on our wedding day. I am 5’ 10” and weighing 260+ pounds. See how the top button of my suit is ATTEMPTING to hold in my stomach.

The picture below is Ping and I on a hike and I dropped my weight from 260 lbs. to 179 lbs. at the time of this picture. BTW my clothes are hanging on me...

A brief story below... Sorry, the GoPro 10 was trying to do an update the day of the video... while being out of range of any internet connection I was battling to make it work...

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